The authorization of new food ingredients and health claims

As the only consulting company in Poland, we are in the possession of experience in drawing up applications, and also carrying out required procedures of the authorization of new food ingredients. We also implement projects connected with obtaining permissions for health claims. Taking advantage of our knowledge gained thus far and our team of experts:

- we will assess the probability of the successful completion of a project,

- we will indicate the separate stages of the procedures of obtaining a permission, necessary research and scientific evidence,

- we will draw up a design of a research proving the cause-and-effect relationship between an ingredient and health (health claims) or the safety of an ingredient (novel food ingredients),

- we will prepare an application and necessary complementary documentation,

- we will provide an intermediary assistance in contacts with competent offices, opinion-issuing units, the European Food Safety Authority and the European Commission,


- we will help you draw up questions to answers to the application of the member states, the European Commission and the European Food Safety Authority.