A consultant in the field of medical products and medicinal products will guide you through the complicated processes of the registration of a medical product, including those of a traditional medicament of plant origin and a product of well-established medical application, and also a medicinal product. It will also help change the status of a dietary supplement, and also that of a cosmetic, to make it included in one of the following groups of products.

Consulting encompasses:

- the assessment of ingredients and destination of a product in the aspect of the possibility of making a SWITCH from a dietary supplement group into a group of medicinal products, or from that of cosmetics into that one of medicinal products,

- the audit of documentation in the aspect of meeting requirements for a given category of product,

- the preparation of documentation in the form of a common technical document (CTD) in accordance with the requirements of Polish law, and also international guidelines (including, the guidelines of the European Medicines Agency), including reports of an expert in the field of pre-clinical, clinical and also quality-related documentation,

- carrying out the process of permission to introduce a product on the market, representing a Customer before the bodies of administration.