Thanks to their appropriate education and several years of professional experience, the team of consultants of the the Foodie company  has been providing effective support for the activity of companies in the food and pharmaceutical sectors for many years.

The consulting services of Foodie encompass not only legal advice, but, first and foremost, a content-related and practical approach to every single problem. We are practitioners, therefore, you will find it easy to engage in a discussion with us. We offer the most straightforward solutions.

Our work is guided by the following principle:

„Find out, what your Customer needs, and help them achieve it.” 

Responding to the needs of our Customers, we help design new products, qualify them appropriately, and also to mark and advertise them. Experience in the implementation of numerous projects in the field of consulting makes it possible to propose you the best solutions in the context of legal regulations currently in force and changes being designed. Thanks to the team of professionals and collaboration with experts in the field of science and controlling bodies, we are able to ensure the comprehensive character of provided consulting services.

So as to facilitate the communication of their needs by the new Customers of our company, we invite them to submit a request for proposal with the use of a form in the Contact section.


This is the first step on the road to introduce a product on the market.


It is one of the most difficult and most frequently questioned of the elements of a product.

Introducing on the market

It requires the knowledge of official procedures, and also legal regulations currently in force.


Each and every product introduced on the market must be safe for a consumer.


All food products of domestic production, imported from abroad and sold with the use of any channel of distribution are subject to control.